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What Is The Reason Why The Silicone Travel Accessories Are Difficult To Form?
Athome Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

What is the reason why the Silicone travel accessories are difficult to form?
What is the reason for the lack of resilience of silicone rubber products? We all know that silicone rubber products mainly rely on its toughness, softness to apply to the major areas, the silicone rubber products are soft and resistant to deformation, in the wide application of life. But the Silicone travel accessories once lost the original performance, it becomes meaningless, some common silicone seal products, after long-term use of the product will appear deformation, toughness and other loss of the original performance.
Silicone products due to lack of toughness is mainly due to the addition of various additives in raw materials lead to different product performance, which "white carbon black" is the main reason for the lack of toughness of the product, white gray black silicone rubber is one of the main raw materials, In the production of different hardness materials used in the environment of silica is also different, and the appropriate proportion of the addition can also make the raw material in the surface activity.
In addition to the reasons for the addition of raw materials, the product of the molding vulcanization also has a certain impact, the flexibility of the product and the hardness of raw materials have a direct relationship. Molding vulcanization, the vulcanizing agent to add too much will lead to liquidity is too active, the product is not too soft is the tensile strength is too high, Silicone travel accessories and too little vulcanizing agent will lead to product curing can not be molded. Second, in the molding process of temperature and time control is also very important, too short curing time will lead to the product is too soft long-term use will gradually lose resilience, molding temperature is too high will lead to too brittle products, resilient too fast to break easily.
We all know that the Silicone travel accessories are not like the previous monotonous, in the market above a lot of jewelry, in the life of the kitchen supplies, daily necessities, and so have a different color, and this also thought that many of the procurement of friends on the color of bright blue Travel accessories have questioned, afraid of its color quality problems, but the silicone products are not very understanding of friends you know how the silicone product is color it? You know it's safety performance, so today Xiaobian tell you about the cause of the color of silicone accessories accessories it!
    Silicone raw materials for the transparent color, colorless and tasteless is a high living material, strong adsorption performance in addition to strong alkali, it does not conflict with any material, but because the silicone raw materials in the production process which must maintain a variety of styles , It seems a lot of choice So the Silicone travel accessories manufacturers use color masterbatch to add it to a variety of colors to keep its appearance is not a single, silicone masterbatch is through the silicon raw materials, silicone oil, toner, dispersant aggregation formation So choose to use silica gel masterbatch to produce the color of silicone products because of its stable performance, high dispersion in the product above the use of uniform, environmentally friendly non-toxic, non-polluting, long-term storage will not expire, many features are similar with the silicone material, The categories can also be divided into many categories for organic masterbatches and inorganic masterbatches.
Silicone Color Masterbatch is an indispensable item in the manufacturer of Silicone travel accessories. Its main process is to use it in the process of mixing. If the glue is not added in the process of mixing, it is a transparent color. After the molding vulcanization, it is transparent silicone product. Silicone color masterbatch color needs to be carefully fine to achieve good results, but also an important technical manufacturer of silicone manufacturers, the color can reach thousands of different colors of the product is almost the most difficult to modulate. And it is made with silica gel raw materials in accordance with the corresponding proportion of the distribution in addition with the curing agent can be made with the production of raw materials, color masterbatch performance options also affect the performance of a product, our common Silicone travel accessories Color change in the choice of color masterbatch also has a certain reason, the choice of light resistance, light resistance can be done without color effect is generally divided into eight grades! Heat resistance, the better the heat resistance of the dispersion of the higher, high dispersion on behalf of the products on behalf of the color distribution evenly, so the choice can be one by one after the inquiry in the purchase!

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