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Silicone Tap Lamp Feature
Athome Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

silicone tap lamp feature


1, 3 Light Modes &Tap Control: Tap the soft silicone surface to switch among normal white light mode, 8 single colors mode and 8-color breathing light mode (Changed Colors Every 3 Seconds in Turn), making it a romantic sweet nursery baby night lamp companion..

2, Sensitive Tap Light Control.

3, Lovely animal Face Made by BPA-free Washable Soft Silicone.

4, Warm Soft Light Offers Tender Guardian.

5, 12-Hour Portable Usage Supports All-Night Companion

6, Handheld Size and Standing Design for Flexible Placement

7, Fabulous Gift Idea Especially for Babies, Kids, Girls and Ladies.


1, Lamp type: LED night lamp

2, Material: Silicone+ABS

3, Power: 0.3W

4, Input: 5V/10~80mA

5, Battery: 1200mAH Lithium

6, Charge Port: Micro USB

7, Item Size: 122X 122X 153mm

8,  Work Life: 50000 hours

9, Portable Usage: 15 hours in normal white light mode; 12 hours in colorful breathing mode。

How to Use

1. Charge the night lamp fully thru the packed USB cable before usage;

2. Press the main power button on the bottom to turn it on and the lamp will stay at normal warm white light mode;

3. Tap the silicone surface to switch to automatic 7-color breathing mode, standby mode and then back to normal white light mode successively;

4. If you want to turn off the lamp, please press the main power button again.

Package includes:

√ 1 x MCC Silicone Night Lamp with built-in rechargeable battery

√ 1 x USB Charger Cable

√ 1 x User's manual

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